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Frymaster Success

October 14th, 2009 by REW Blog Team

Sometime last year I received a called from Mike Gregowski from Mountain Home, Idaho. He told me about his fine establishment: The Goldrush Tavern. The restaurant was a family business that for the last 60 years had prided itself on their signature item “Uncle Greg’s Yukon Goldrush Fries.” While business was booming and Mike’s staff consisting of his wife and two of his four sons were able to keep up with the demand, their fryer had been on the fritz lately. While they were only about 45 minutes outside of Boise, a fryer repairman was not only costly, but hard to find. Mike was looking to put a new fryer in to bring new life to the old tavern, but he also wanted to increase the output and efficiency of his operation. I told Mike about the Frymaster FPEL422, a four 30lb tank fryer that had the same output as a 50lb tank, but saves on oil each time the tank is refilled. Serving over 150 orders of fries a day, the cost can add up. After some careful decision making, Mike called back and we got the Frymaster on its way. I received and email from Mike about a month later letting me know that business was going well and the Frymaster was everything he wanted and more. He told me that I had an open invitation to a free meal anytime that I happened to be in Mountain Home. He also had big news: The Gold Rush Tavern had officially won for the 15th year in a row the “Taste of Excellence” award for Elmore County. Mike has come back several times over the past few years for any of the Goldrush’s needs and it is great to see that good food and good friends will always go hand in hand.

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