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Vita-Mix Paradise

October 16th, 2009 by REW Blog Team

For years I have sold Vita-Mix blenders and dreamed of all the wonderful things I could make if I had a Vita-Mix (vit-748) of my very own.  I sold one to a person who owned a yacht that shuttled people back and forth from Sarasota FL to the Bahamas.  For hours after that, I imagined myself on the deck of that yacht with the breeze blowing through my hair while sipping a tall piña colada.  Another time,  I sold one to a bride-to-be for her bachelorette party.  Then, my thoughts were of leading the conga line after downing one-too-many margaritas at the party.  Once I sold one to a little Mexican restaurant around the corner that has the BEST salsa.  Little did I know, they make that world class salsa in the same Vita-Mix blender that I have coveted for years!  Who knew?

Now, fast forward to last month when we were gathered for a staff meeting to discuss an upcoming event: We had previously submitted our ideas and were getting together to brainstorm that day and decide which ones we were going to implement.  I thought it was going to be the same kind of meeting we always have…. You know…Sit around and throw ideas back and forth and the last person standing is the winner.  But upon entering the conference room, I knew this was going to be a meeting like no other because there was a Vita-Mix blender in the center of the table!  Once we were all seated,  the boss gave this speech about how one person had gone above and beyond his expectations on this project and he was so happy with this person he wanted to reward them with a token of appreciation…. The Vita-Mix blender!!!  I started eyeing my co-workers around the table and thinking…. If Melissa gets it, I can probably borrow it….if Erin gets it, I could probably buy it from her pretty cheap….if Manny gets it, he’s giving it to his Mom for Christmas and I am out of luck. ..  Well, imagine my surprise when he announced MY name!!  I was so surprised and overwhelmed I was speechless.  Not only did my suggestions get implemented, but I also got the blender I had been drooling over for years!  I was thrilled!

Since then, a typical day at my house starts with a fruit smoothie for breakfast, made in my Vita-Mix.  Followed by homemade soup for lunch (made with puree blended in my Vita-Mix).  And topped off by a nice strawberry daiquiri after dinner…..of course, made in my Vita-Mix.  …….life is good!

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