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Simply The Best Panini

November 9th, 2009 by REW Blog Team

Simply The Best Panini

From DoughPro's November Newsletter

After years of development we now offer our line of Panini grills, we offer a solid top version CS1500 and a split top version SL1577. Where other Panini grills simply have heaters strips that are attached to a plate our heaters and actually embedded into the aluminum casting thus resulting in faster heat up time and better recovery.

* All Doughpro grills boast “cast in heating elements” that are backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and many top chains are making the switch to our Panini grill because they can see the difference. Please take a look at our video showcasing the SL1577 in action.

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2 Responses to “Simply The Best Panini”

  1. Comment #1 by: REW Blog Team

    Check out to purchase one of these beauties!

  2. Comment #2 by: Roy Barns

    How do these Panini grills compare to the Avantco ones? Is $1,014 the lowest priced model available?

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