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Frymaster’s 1814 Series Fryer at the NRA Show!

June 2nd, 2011 by REW Blog Team

If you weren’t able to go to the NRA show this year in Chicago to see all the new products and services that were unveiled to the foodservice industry, we’ve got the skinny on a great new piece of equipment from Frymaster that you almost have to see to believe.

Quoted from Frymaster’s website:

The 1814 large capacity fryers have a 63-lb (31 liter) frypot oil capacity with an 18” x 14” cooking area that can be combined in a two frypot battery or additionally with an HD50G, which has a 50-lb (25 liter) frypot oil capacity. The ability to cook three baskets of food in an 18” x 14” cooking area allows for footprint, oil use, and energy use reductions over standard 50-lb fryers. Two 1814 Fryers can do the work of three standard fryers and two 1814 fryers combined with an HD50 fryer allows three fryers to do the work of four standard fryers. The savings adds up quickly using 11-14% less space and 12-16% less oil while using upwards of 50% less energy.

Frymaster’s Thermo-Tube heat transfer system with 6” vs. 4” diameter tubes provides superior heat-to-oil transfer that saves energy and extends oil life. The tubes have high-heat, stainless steel alloy flow baffles that efficiently transfer the fryers’ energy input to the surrounding oil. The durable baffles and reliable, built-to-last, high-efficiency burners keep maintenance to a minimum.

Additionally, the Thermo-Tube heating system provides for rapid and controlled attainment of the desired cooking temperatures, which minimizes oil breakdown, reduces idle costs, and lowers gas consumption per pound of product cooked.

The fryers’ 3000 controller has 20 programmable cook buttons and features that monitor and help control food and oil quality, oil life, and equipment performance.

Crumbs/sediment from the frying area are trapped in the wide cold zone where they do not carbonize and contaminate the oil or cling to fried foods. The bottom of the frypots are sloped toward the front and are equipped with a large drain line so crew members can quickly flush out sediment and remove old oil.

Built-in filtration for battery models makes it easy to preserve oil life and maintain food quality. The built-in filter utilizes an 8 GPM (30 LPM) pump and is equipped with a 1-1/4” (3.175 cm) drain valve and a 3” (7.61 cm) drain line, making filtering fast, safe, and easy. The “built-in” feature puts filtration within the fryer battery where it’s most convenient to use.

For even MORE information about Frymaster’s 1814 Fryer, follow the link

Customers learning about the benifits of the 1814

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