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Form and Function- Hatco’s DCS Carving Station

June 23rd, 2011 by REW Blog Team

Carving stations are often the focal point of buffets of all shapes and sizes, and they often are required to be functional behind the scenes as well. Whatever your operation’s needs, Hatco is making great strides in improving the functionality and design of carving stations.

As noted in the video above, traditional carving stations come with flexible gooseneck designs that, although work well on desk lamps, leave some room for improvement in a foodservice environment. Hatco decided to address these issues. Besides improving the neck of the design to eliminate issues with cleanliness, they have also improved the look of the carving station, as well.

Some models feature a heated base to compliment the power of the 250 watt carving station bulb. They come with a removable Swanstone decorative carving boards and base, perfect for operations that switch between lunch appetizers and dinner entrees. Their flexible, functional, and eye-pleasing design could compliment any operation.

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