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Restaurant Equipment World (REW) President Visits Haiti

July 9th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

Restaurant Equipment World President Brad Pierce

Restaurant Equipment World (REW) President Brad Pierce just returned from delivering medical supplies and other items to Haiti.  Brad commented, “It was truly a life changing experience.  I’ve seen pictures and watched television shows, but there’s nothing in the world that comes close to visiting in person.  These people live in tough conditions, there’s little reason for hope when you see the conditions that are their reality.  Yet, there’s a bright spot of sunshine amongst the rubble – the amazing group of passionate volunteers at the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti.  They’re not talking about change, they’re making it happen every single day.  These are modern day miracle workers.”

Originally, Brad didn’t even want to have this post written as he doesn’t want credit for doing the right thing to help others in need.  After all, in his words, “I was just a delivery guy flying an airplane, the real credit goes to those who are there every day making the world a better place.”  Upon further reflection, he decided this would be a good platform to call attention to the cause to reach even more people.  “It’s my hope that by reading my experience and story, others will be inspired to step up and get involved as well.”

You can read an inspiration story about Brad’s Haiti experience by visiting his blog post entitled: Flying a Relief Flight to Haiti: A Life Changing Experience

You can learn more about the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti by visiting:

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