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REW Visits Cariera’s by Castelli in Dr. Phillips

April 9th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

In the heart of Dr. Phillips lies a hidden gem, a traditional Italian restaurant with a twist – Cariera’s by Castelli. During the week, tourists and regulars alike enjoy the traditional Venetian atmosphere and superb dining menu, but when the weekend starts on Friday, Cariera’s is filled with scintillating live music and fun times for the entire family.

Less than a year ago, Cariera’s was purchased by new owners and remodeled to include more comfortable dining chairs, new tableware, an updated wine list, renovated restrooms and several new menu items to add to the restaurant’s already popular menu options. The restaurant walls are decorated with authentic Venetian masks along with digital picture screens that rotate classic pictures and those of some of Cariera’s regular customers. Eat there often enough and you, too, can add your picture into the mix.

Cariera’s by Castelli has been family-owned since its establishment in 1975, and that tradition has not changed with the new owners: two Brazilians and one Argentinean, who came from Italian families and grew up in the kitchen. All three of the new owners have decades of experience in the restaurant industry, including several other successful restaurants and the best Italian chefs in all of Orlando. Even with all the changes, you will find that most of the menu items have stayed the same, with only a handful of new dishes added to the menu. Why mess with perfection, right?

The menu at Cariera’s is filled with delectable items cooked with the finest and freshest ingredients available. For starters, they recommend a traditional favorite – calamari, squid fried to perfection and served with a tasty marinara sauce for dipping. If you want to head straight to a main entrée and you love pasta, try the fettuccine with a vodka cream or Alfredo sauce or the chicken penne (a staff favorite). Cariera’s serves a wonderful Lemon Mahi if fish is what you love to eat, and we heard the Veal Cariera’s is to die for. If you are looking for something new, the owners suggest the Shrimp di Napoli or one of their other gourmet pizzas with ultra thin crust. Other menu items include signature pasta dishes, seafood and a good selection of dessert options. Additionally, Cariera’s offers several of their pasta dishes and their flat breads as gluten free options. Wash all that down with the Godiva Shake (named for the touch of Godiva liquor they add to this new favorite). Just need a drink and a great atmosphere? Hang out in the separate bar area and try either the Tiramisu or the Bada Bing Martini – magnifico!

If you’re in the neighborhood, why not stop by Cariera’s by Castelli? You’ll be glad you did. Cariera’s is located at 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. in Orlando 32819.

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REW Visits Redeye Bar and Grill

February 21st, 2013 by REW Blog Team

Newcomers Rob and Angie Nelson have transitioned from food truckers to full-blown restaurant owners. Located in Ocoee, Florida, Redeye Bar and Grill has only been open for about four months, but has made a splash in the industry with its succulent barbecue dishes. Originally, the two started off with a food truck, which Rob tells us was “just a hobby.” They would travel to all of the hotspots in Orlando, like World of Beer, to serve some of their custom creations such as the Big Daddy Burger. Eventually, Rob and his wife Angie had to sell the food truck and relocate to Hawaii for Rob’s career in the hospitality industry. After spending just a year there, they moved back to be closer to family, and Rob decided to turn his hobby into a passionate career.

After researching family recipes, consulting with previous restaurant owners, and working with “The Sauce Man,” Rob was able to take his hobby to the next level. The creations were made with passion and custom flavors. Take the Redeye sliders for example. This Redeye favorite isn’t just your typical meat on a small bun. They take homemade cornbread (which is baked by Rob’s mom every morning) and top it with barbecue pulled pork, glazed barbecue sauce and honey. We recommend you follow that starter with a custom sandwich or a Redeye barbecue dish, such as the Sliced Beef Brisket. The tender meat is slow cooked over three types of hard wood for over 12 hours before being served with a choice of soup or salad and a side dish. To top off your meal, indulge in the Bananas Foster, which can easily be split between four people. The crispy pastry hovering over vanilla ice cream, bananas and powdered sugar is absolutely mouth watering.

The drink list is nothing to brush off either. Unlike many other barbecue joints in town, Redeye has a variety of wines and craft brews. They recently upgraded their kegs from six to ten taps and they even have a root beer tap for the kids. One of their most popular brews is Dale’s Pale Ale. Because of the high demand, it gets tapped out quite often, and Rob tells us he is on a waiting list to get more. The combination of delicious food, a good drink menu, and weekly live music makes Redeye Bar and Grill a complete dining experience. Rob also informed us that they have begun serving brunch as of February 10th, 2013, featuring such offerings as puff pastries, mimosas, and a saxophone player to keep you in that relaxed state of mind on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget to stop by Redeye Bar and Grill at 2594 Maguire Road in Ocoee, Florida.

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New Expanded Hours of Operation at Restaurant Equipment World

February 4th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

In order to better serve the needs of our customers, we’ve expanded our phone / live chat hours of operation for our online store sales and customer service teams.  During the week, Restaurant Equipment World is now open 24 hours a day (with the exception of closing at 9pm on Friday).  This change allows us to offer personal service 7 days a week to our valued customers, with limited weekend hours.  We can be contacted at (800) 821-9153 toll-free or by dialing (407) 679-9004.  Both our USA and Dubai, UAE offices can be reached directly by dialing either of these numbers.  Customer inquiries received via e-mail will be responded to during this these times as well.

New Hours at Restaurant Equipment World Table

* This change was facilitated by the opening of our Dubai, UAE office.  We are not outsourcing calls to other companies.  Whether you call into our USA or Dubai, UAE (late evening / early morning) offices, you’ll always be speaking with a friendly and knowledgeable associate who is employed directly by Restaurant Equipment World.

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REW Visits The Ravenous Pig

August 28th, 2012 by REW Blog Team

If you are looking for the nice, comfy and relaxed atmosphere of your local bar and the elegance and eclectic menu choices of a fine dining restaurant, then a gastropub is what you are searching for. A hidden gem established by chef owners James and Julie Petrakis have done a excellent job of blending these two worlds. Having trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY they decided to return to their native Florida roots, drawing inspiration from England’s gastropubs on serving good food and hand-crafted cocktails in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This local hot spot is known as The Ravenous Pig: An American Gastropub which James says is, “a place where you can get great food in a lively, unstuffy atmosphere.”

While they keep things on the casual side, they do advise making reservations for dinner time as it is the busiest time of the day and there might be a bit of a wait if you just drop by. The menu is varied in nature, so you can get the pub favorite of the house-made soft pretzel with whole-grain mustard or the shrimp tacos delicately prepared to perfection. A Mahi burger for lunch or a grilled sockeye salmon dish will accentuate every taste bud. Each dish, whether it be lunch or dinner, is prepared with many local organic ingredients and are utilized based on season. James explains, “Florida has produce and seafood that is second to none. We really enjoy showing people what Florida and its coasts have to offer.” Dessert being the most important part of the meal of course, house-made seasonal flavored ice cream or sherbet and “pig tail” fritters are decadent enough to satisfy that sweet craving. However, their menu changes monthly, so if you have happen to hesitate on a particular item, keep in mind it might not be there next month. The extensive wine and cocktail list will meet the needs of a casual drinker to the wine connoisseur. With the combination of leisure and class, The Ravenous Pig makes sure their guests have a fun a tasty experience each and every time.

Celebrating The Ravenous Pig’s 5year anniversary on October 3rd- James and Julie have definitely left their mark on the Central Florida restaurant scene – and they are about to make a even bigger mark as they plan to open a sister restaurant Cask and Larder this fall. Staying busy, they are also palnning on the release of a new cookbook titled; The Ravenous Pig: Seasons Of Florida, coming out on October 2nd just in time for their anniversary.

The Ravenous Pig is located at 1234 N. Orange Ave. Winter Park, Fl 32789

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REW Visits Yellow Dog Eats

July 12th, 2012 by REW Blog Team

How could a painting of an old yellow dog with Rhett and Scarlett dancing out the window in the yard turn into a critically acclaimed cafe?

What stemmed from a painting dubbed “The OG” by owner Fish Morgan, was a restaurant unlike any you’ve experienced elsewhere.

Located in Gotha, Fl, one wouldn’t expect to see such a progressive and light-hearted establishment as they dodge wild chickens that attempt to cross the road, or marvel at buildings that have been standing seemingly since the days of secession. The Old-Florida charm that Gotha has to offer, however, is the perfect complement to the area’s most popular spot.

Yellow Dog Eats’ looks as if it had been a permanent fixture in the area- a notion reinforced by the 100+ year old former country store it occupies- but in reality, it hints at the direction the area is taking as many Central Floridians are rekindling their affection for begone days while simultaneously incorporating their own flair. And that’s exactly what Chef and Owner Fish Morgan has done here. Yellow Dog Eats’ light-hearted approach to the restaurant scene integrates amazing food, a laid back atmosphere, and personal attention with the charm of a turn-of-the-century venue.

When entering the building, guests are immediately greeted by a personable staff behind the counter- and quite often, Fish himself- as they pass a collection of antique and alternative art pieces that would rival any museum collection (if they had museums for that kind of stuff). The art displayed here blends popular culture with a bygone age, and directly reflects much of Fish’s own style.

<-- We're not sure about this piece.

What we are sure about though, is how amazing the food is. That’s really what you came here to read about, right? Yellow Dog offers some of the tastiest concoctions we’ve ever, well… tasted. Each of Fish’s creations are a combination of flavors that work so well together that we wondered why we didn’t think of them. Then we realized that we didn’t go to the Culinary Institute of America and we’re not one of the best Chefs in the business. He did, and he is.

Sampling a few different dishes ranging from the Pig Noodle (NOT what it sounds like), to a different take on the PB&J, we were amazed at how well each of the ingredients went together and created something unlike anything we had eaten before. The Pig Noodle came with coleslaw and what can only be described as gourmet Mac N Cheese right on top of the pulled pork sandwich. The PB&J was loaded with fresh peanut butter and jelly, as expected, but it also incorporates bananas and shavings of chocolate. It came with a side of animal crackers- a nice touch for this child-hood favorite.

Fish attributes his amazing fare to his constant search for the best and freshest ingredients. His philosophy is that if you start with quality ingredients, you’ll get a quality product. We tend to agree, but also think that what makes his food so special is the level of attention he gives to each plate- from kitchen to dining room. Don’t be surprised if you get a visit from Fish where he asks you about your day, your food, or stops by to chat for a bit just to get to know you.

If you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant or just simply want to try something different, Yellow Dog Eats is the perfect place. The welcoming environment and amazing fare will keep you coming back, but the friendly staff and Fish himself, will make you feel like you’ve never left.

Check out their website here.

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