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Restaurant Equipment World (REW) President Visits Haiti

July 9th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

Restaurant Equipment World President Brad Pierce

Restaurant Equipment World (REW) President Brad Pierce just returned from delivering medical supplies and other items to Haiti.  Brad commented, “It was truly a life changing experience.  I’ve seen pictures and watched television shows, but there’s nothing in the world that comes close to visiting in person.  These people live in tough conditions, there’s little reason for hope when you see the conditions that are their reality.  Yet, there’s a bright spot of sunshine amongst the rubble – the amazing group of passionate volunteers at the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti.  They’re not talking about change, they’re making it happen every single day.  These are modern day miracle workers.”

Originally, Brad didn’t even want to have this post written as he doesn’t want credit for doing the right thing to help others in need.  After all, in his words, “I was just a delivery guy flying an airplane, the real credit goes to those who are there every day making the world a better place.”  Upon further reflection, he decided this would be a good platform to call attention to the cause to reach even more people.  “It’s my hope that by reading my experience and story, others will be inspired to step up and get involved as well.”

You can read an inspiration story about Brad’s Haiti experience by visiting his blog post entitled: Flying a Relief Flight to Haiti: A Life Changing Experience

You can learn more about the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti by visiting:

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New Expanded Hours of Operation at Restaurant Equipment World

February 4th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

In order to better serve the needs of our customers, we’ve expanded our phone / live chat hours of operation for our online store sales and customer service teams.  During the week, Restaurant Equipment World is now open 24 hours a day (with the exception of closing at 9pm on Friday).  This change allows us to offer personal service 7 days a week to our valued customers, with limited weekend hours.  We can be contacted at (800) 821-9153 toll-free or by dialing (407) 679-9004.  Both our USA and Dubai, UAE offices can be reached directly by dialing either of these numbers.  Customer inquiries received via e-mail will be responded to during this these times as well.

New Hours at Restaurant Equipment World Table

* This change was facilitated by the opening of our Dubai, UAE office.  We are not outsourcing calls to other companies.  Whether you call into our USA or Dubai, UAE (late evening / early morning) offices, you’ll always be speaking with a friendly and knowledgeable associate who is employed directly by Restaurant Equipment World.

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REW Visits The Ravenous Pig

August 28th, 2012 by REW Blog Team

If you are looking for the nice, comfy and relaxed atmosphere of your local bar and the elegance and eclectic menu choices of a fine dining restaurant, then a gastropub is what you are searching for. A hidden gem established by chef owners James and Julie Petrakis have done a excellent job of blending these two worlds. Having trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY they decided to return to their native Florida roots, drawing inspiration from England’s gastropubs on serving good food and hand-crafted cocktails in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This local hot spot is known as The Ravenous Pig: An American Gastropub which James says is, “a place where you can get great food in a lively, unstuffy atmosphere.”

While they keep things on the casual side, they do advise making reservations for dinner time as it is the busiest time of the day and there might be a bit of a wait if you just drop by. The menu is varied in nature, so you can get the pub favorite of the house-made soft pretzel with whole-grain mustard or the shrimp tacos delicately prepared to perfection. A Mahi burger for lunch or a grilled sockeye salmon dish will accentuate every taste bud. Each dish, whether it be lunch or dinner, is prepared with many local organic ingredients and are utilized based on season. James explains, “Florida has produce and seafood that is second to none. We really enjoy showing people what Florida and its coasts have to offer.” Dessert being the most important part of the meal of course, house-made seasonal flavored ice cream or sherbet and “pig tail” fritters are decadent enough to satisfy that sweet craving. However, their menu changes monthly, so if you have happen to hesitate on a particular item, keep in mind it might not be there next month. The extensive wine and cocktail list will meet the needs of a casual drinker to the wine connoisseur. With the combination of leisure and class, The Ravenous Pig makes sure their guests have a fun a tasty experience each and every time.

Celebrating The Ravenous Pig’s 5year anniversary on October 3rd- James and Julie have definitely left their mark on the Central Florida restaurant scene – and they are about to make a even bigger mark as they plan to open a sister restaurant Cask and Larder this fall. Staying busy, they are also palnning on the release of a new cookbook titled; The Ravenous Pig: Seasons Of Florida, coming out on October 2nd just in time for their anniversary.

The Ravenous Pig is located at 1234 N. Orange Ave. Winter Park, Fl 32789

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REW’s Beach Day

July 6th, 2012 by REW Blog Team

Here at REW, we’re always thinking of new ways to have fun and break up the monotony of the work week. These past few weeks have been especially trying on the staff as REW has undergone an interior face-lift in the form of a few new coats of paint.

Helping customers, updating our web-pages, and providing some of the best service in our industry was all done around an army of professional painters. For their understanding and continued professionalism during the renovations- and to celebrate our new brightly colored palette- we decided to proclaim last Friday “Beach Day”. Everyone in the office was invited to dawn their favorite beach attire (no speedos, thank God) and show their summer spirit.

As you can see, some were more “beachy” than others and there were a few that went over the top with grass skirts and coconut braziers. But its summer, so why not? Right?

To top off the day, everyone was treated to a nice, cool ice cream sundae to beat the summer heat (we set the thermostat to a balmy 75 degrees).

The staff of REW would like to thank Vice President Patty Nuzzo for organizing the first, and hopefully not only, official beach day and ice cream sundae party.

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An Interview with John Rivers from 4Rivers Smokehouse

June 13th, 2012 by REW Blog Team


The South is no stranger to good barbeque. From the Carolina hills to the Mississippi deltas, barbeque has been engrained in Southern culture. But oddly enough, its the Texas-style of barbeque that has the people of Orlando talking.
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