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Dexter Russell 5981 Knife Set

Dexter Russell 5981 Knife Set
Dexter Russell 5981 Knife Set (Magnified)
Dexter Russell 5981 Knife Set
List Price: $787.45

Key Features

  • Seven-piece set
  • High-carbon steel blades
  • Ergonomic rosewood handles
  • Cutlery case included

Product Information

Equip yourself for a variety of cutting and carving tasks with the Connoisseur® Premier Chef's Set from Dexter Russell. An invaluable purchase for the professional chef on the go, this knife set comes packaged in a hard cutlery case with handles for convenient storage and transportation. It includes seven handy tools: a 4" forged paring knife, a 6" forged boning knife, a 9" forged, scalloped bread knife, a 10" forged cook's knife, a 12" duo-edge slicer, a 12" forged bayonet fork, and a 12" diamond steel.

All of the blades in this set are composed of high-carbon, stain-free steel, so you can count on them to cut cleanly and reliably in the long-term and wash easily to retain their appealing sheen. Their elegant rosewood handles are designed to fit snugly into your hand to maximize comfort and minimize strain on your wrist. With all of these tools at your disposal, you'll find little need to acquire any others. Order your 5981 carving set today!


Manufacturer Dexter Russell
Model Number DEX-5981
Packed By st
Pieces 7
Packaging Hard Case

Product Dimensions

  • Weight: 8.25 lbs


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