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Dynamic MX014 Mixer Hand

Dynamic MX014 Mixer Hand
Dynamic MX014 Mixer Hand (Magnified)
Dynamic MX014 Mixer Hand

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Product Information

Mini Cordless Mixer, single speed, non-detachable w/emulsifying blade, immersible tube length 7", up to 2 gallon, 7,000 R.P.M., complete with battery pack & charger, 9.6v battery, overall length: 18-1/2", 230V/60/1-ph, 180 watts, ETL


Manufacturer Dynamic
Model Number DYN-MX014
Packed By Each
Approx. Gallon Capacity 2 Gal
Speed Fixed Speed
Tools 7" Shaft
Mixer type Power Drive With Attachments

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 18.50"
  • Weight: 6.60 lbs


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