Victorinox 47645 Knife, Slicer

Victorinox 47645 Knife, Slicer
Victorinox 47645 Knife, Slicer (Magnified)
Victorinox 47645 Knife, Slicer
List Price: $83.20

Product Information

Victorinox's model 47645 slicer knife is the height of form and function. Its twelve-inch stainless steel blade features a granton edge to keep meats from sticking to it and to simplify the process of separating meats, vegetables, and cheeses. The blade's length and narrow width facilitate easy slicing of large portions of pork, beef, and all manner of meats and veggies. The model 47645's black Fibrox® nylon handle is slip-resistant to stave off the occurrence of any unfortunate kitchen accidents, facilitating safety as well as comfort with every use.

A slicer knife is an essential piece of equipment for any high-volume operation dealing with large quantities of meat, cheese, vegetables, or fruit. You can count on this Victorinox product for quality service and efficiency in the long term. Place your order today and put this handy tool in your arsenal.


Manufacturer Victorinox
Model Number FOR-47645
Packed By Each
Construction Stamped
Handle Plastic
Size 12"

Product Dimensions

  • Depth: 17.00"


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