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REX is The Restaurant Equipment Search Engine for the internet. It is far superior to other search engines due to its speed, functionality and dedication to searching exclusively for restaurant equipment. This allows you to find the products you need, fast! Using REX, users are able to search a database of more than 20,000 products in fractions of a second. Results can be queried based on an "exact phrase", "all words", or "any word" type search string. The "automatic" search function (the default search setting) of REX delivers a combination of these results. First, the automatic search matches all items matching the phrase you entered. Next, it returns results containing all the words, and finally it returns the results containing any of your search terms. Using the automatic search allows users to achieve results which most likely relate to their search at the top of the results. The end result is that the user saves time by finding the products they need, FAST! REX is available exclusively at Restaurant Equipment World, Inc. - The world leader in restaurant equipment sales, service, export, design and installation. The REX search engine was developed in-house for the convenience of our valued customers since no other commercial search engines seemed fit to handle an online restaurant equipment database of products. If you have any suggestions for future development of REX, you can e-mail the REX development team.

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