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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?

Greetings! I'm Brad Pierce, President of Restaurant Equipment World. I'm honored that you've taken the time to visit our website and learn more about our company. We have a number of unique value propositions that set us apart from our competition. I've outlined many of these benefits below which I feel makes us the world leader in restaurant equipment and supplies.

Best Customers: Our customers are the absolute BEST! You are the reason for everything we do and why we come to work each day. We've been honored to serve more than 100,000 customers in all 50 states and more than 110 countries around the world. I travel extensively both domestically and internationally and have had the opportunity to meet many of the people who buy from us. It's always feels great to be able to say "thank you" in person. We really do appreciate your loyalty and will keep working hard to earn your business each and every day.

Family Values: While we have the capabilities and experience of a big business, we're still family owned and operated and bring those values to our customers. My father, Jerry Pierce, founded our company back in 1976. My mother, three sisters and nieces have all worked in the business. My sister, Patty Nuzzo, serves as our Vice-President. Even my grandparents were involved in the restaurant equipment industry throughout their lives. There's no doubt, serving restaurants is in our family's DNA. While our staff members aren't related, they're part of our extended family and share our values.

Best Staff: The group of staff members who make up the Restaurant Equipment World team are the best of the best. They're trained, knowledgeable, happy, friendly and do a phenomenal job serving our customers needs. Each individual within our organization is empowered to make decisions in the best interest of our customers.

Stability: We've been in business for more than 40 great years which is a testament to our stability. Our growth has occurred by earning the trust of our customers through years of great service. We're fiscally responsible and have adequate financial resources to scale quickly. Goals and visionary strategies embrace a long term outlook, always striving to ensure they are in the best interest of our customers, staff members and partners.

High-tech, High-touch: We're a high-tech company, we automate as many efficiencies into our processes as possible. But what we don't automate is our interactions with you, our customer. This is an area that I call an intention inefficiency. We value having high-touch relationships with our customers. This is the reason why phones are answered by real people and hand written thank you cards arrive in your mailbox.

Largest Selection: We have the largest selection of restaurant equipment and supplies of any website you'll find online. We showcase more than 250,000 products from the leading manufacturers in the commercial foodservice equipment industry.

Best Value: We've achieved the perfect mix of the best service along with the lowest prices in the industry. This is a winning combination that allows us to deliver a solid value proposition. If you ever find a lower price from a legitimate dealer, we're always happy to match it with our low price guarantee.

Massive Stock: We stock over 700,000 individual items in our warehouses. This means there's a good chance we have what you need, when you need it, in-stock and ready to ship today. Our fantastic purchasing team is constantly reviewing par levels to keep inventory perfectly matched with customer demand.

Industry Leadership: We've always been a big proponent of being involved in the industry. I'm currently the President of the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association (FEDA). I've held positions on various foodservice committees and boards throughout my career. I've written articles for every major industry publication and regularly correspond with editors and journalists seeking insight for their articles. I've also given speeches at numerous industry events and regularly attend NAFEM, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, and other leading industry events. I feel this strong industry involvement and leadership helps us to better serve our customers.

Relationships: We have direct relationships with senior level contacts with every one of our manufacturers. This means if we need to involve the President, CEO, production manager, sales manager or other key personnel we have the ability to immediately connect with these people to get things done. We also have strong relationships with our manufacturer's representatives and service agencies. We view others in the industry as partners and as friends, they are as much a part of our success as our own staff and customers.

Speed: We move FAST. Really FAST. Everything we do is geared towards moving quickly - although not just moving quickly, moving quickly without compromising our quality standards. Whether it's handling a routine order for a smallwares order from a customer across town, or air freighting products to worldwide destinations in urgent need of replenishment, every order is handled at a rapid speed. I use the phrase "Speed is Life" often, the ability to move fast and react to customers needs is one of the key differentiators which separates us from our competition.

Scalability: Let's say you call us up and tell us you need two 747's filled with restaurant equipment to be delivered half way around the world a week from now. This is an exact scenario that we were presented with and delivered on time with perfect accuracy. We're able to scale our operations quickly to handle large orders with speed and efficiency unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

No Excuses: We're committed to delivering on time, every time, without excuses. Sometimes life throws you a curveball despite your best intentions. These scenarios are when you can really gauge the worth of a company's promises. We've been known to move mountains to overcome challenges others felt were impossible. Opening a restaurant in a few days and forgot to order a bunch of your equipment (yes, it's happened, more than once) - call us, we'll load up the planes, trains and trucks to meet your deadline, without excuses.

Culture: We've built a culture that's centered around working hard and having fun along the way. Our staff devotes every ounce of energy to serving our customers each day. All this hard work leads to sales increases and happy customers which is a great reason to celebrate. We'll cater lunches for the staff as well as engaging each other by providing fun off-site activities. We've gone bowling, made pottery, climbed a ropes course, battled it out in a paintball arena, made our own chocolate at a sweet shop and much more. A happy staff makes for happy customers, you can practically hear the smiles on their faces when you speak to any of our staff members on the phone.

Training: Your business is to run your foodservice operation, not to know the in's and out's of every piece of equipment in the industry. That's our job. Our staff is constantly training and striving to learn more about the equipment we sell. We send staff members to industry trade shows, buying group training events and directly to manufacturers factories for education. We also have a dedicated in-house training facility with full multimedia capabilities to utilize the latest trends in product education.

Industry Firsts: Way back in 1996 we became the first company in our industry to launch a website with an online catalog. We soon became the first company to offer online ordering. As mobile devices began to become common, we became the first to launch a website specifically for mobile phones. Our mobile phone website morphed into our modern mobile site as phones became smartphones. Most recently, we were the first in the industry to launch a restaurant equipment app. Staying on the cutting edge of innovation allows us to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

International Experience: When it comes to international experience with exporting, you'll find no stronger of a company than ours. In late 2012, we became the first US-based foodservice equipment company to open up an international location in Dubai. This expansion has allowed us to better engage our customers in this important trade region of the world without time delays. We're experts at export equipment, voltage requirements, logistics, customs and associated procedures.

Buying Power: We're proud to be a member of the Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance (SEFA), one of the largest and most respected buying groups in the foodservice industry. We're also proud to be a member of The United Group (TUF) which is the leading buying group in the janitorial, disposable, paper goods and sanitation industry. Our industry relationships, buying power and training resources are substantially involved due to our membership in these fine organizations.

Security: We're well equipped to handle your most sensitive projects with complete confidentiality and security of your data. This ability was derived from the extensive number of projects we've completed for military and government organizations throughout the world. We employ military-grade 256-bit data encryption, our facility and warehouse utilize restricted keycard access control devices, we conduct full background checks on all employees and we never store your credit card information online. Bottom line, when you present us with your personal and financial information, you can trust us to protect it.

Award Winning: We've been honored to receive numerous industry accolades and awards throughout the years. We've received awards from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine, Foodservice Equipment Reports Magazine, the Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance (SEFA) and others. While many of these awards have been presented to me personally, it's our fantastic staff who's responsible for achieving this honors.

Charity: We've been fortunate to give back to the community through various giving opportunities. We support many local programs including hospitals, museums, schools, colleges and other worthy organizations. We utilize our corporate aircraft for volunteer medical and organ transplant flights at no charge to the patients. In the past year we've also become active in supporting those in need in Haiti where I've visited personally. It feels good to run a business and make a profit, but it feels even better when you can use some of that money to do great things to help change the lives of others.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about all the things that make us unique. We have a great company which is a reflection of our customers, manufacturers, reps, staff members and industry friends. We look forward to serving your restaurant equipment and supplies needs for generations to come.


Brad Pierce, President
Restaurant Equipment World

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