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About REW

About REW

Restaurant Equipment World is honored to serve more than 100,000 customers in all 50 states and more than 110 countries around the world. REW has been a leader in the restaurant equipment industry for over 45 years. This success has not been achieved by accident, our focus on our customer's needs is our number one priority, and if our customers prosper, so do we.

Restaurant Equipment World was founded in 1976 by Jerry Pierce (Chairman) and is a trade name of Pierce Sales Co., Inc. The company's worldwide headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida with an international office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

REW is a family owned business. Despite its massive reach and growth, the organization is still family operated. The President of the organization is Brad Pierce who is the son of the founder. The Vice-President of the organization is Patty Nuzzo who is the daughter of the founder.

Core values of Restaurant Equipment World include:

1.- Sense of Urgency - Always serving customers in a timely manner

2.- On Time Delivery - Making sure that all products and services are delivered on time, every time, without excuses

3.- Attention to Detail - Checking and double checking to make sure that no errors occur

4.- Expert Answers - A culture of never guessing and doing the necessary research to always provide accurate answers to customer inquiries

5.- Value and Price - Operating as efficiently as possible and embracing the latest technology to allow for the best possible price and service at the lowest possible cost to our end user customers

6.- Honesty and Integrity - Always being open and honest with all

Adherence to our core values have enabled the company to grow for more than 40 years while serving a wide variety of customer types. This diversity of customer types includes traditional restaurant customers, catering operations, deli's, pizza shops, corporate cafetrias, major restaurant chains, military, government, day care centers, hospitals, theme parks and more. Our customer types are even more diverse when you include our sister company operations which are handled by an entity called Critical Supply World. This entity serves worldwide military, disaster and diplomatic needs that are required on an urgent basis.

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