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Commercial cutlery used for safe and efficient processing and preparation of ingredients.

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Clam and Oyster Knives(61)
Skinning Knife(22)
Cake Knife and Set(11)
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Bar Knife(13)
Misc Knife(20)
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Eurodib 3056123 Knife, Decorating
Eurodib 3056123 Knife, Decorating

Triangle Bake Pan Knife, 9", stainless steel

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Eurodib 3056212 Knife, Decorating
Eurodib 3056212 Knife, Decorating

Triangle Bake Pan Knife, 4-3/4", stainless steel

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Eurodib TCC10 Knife, Decorating
Eurodib TCC10 Knife, Decorating

Bron Coucke Vegetable Flower Sharpener, large, 2.4" dia., for making root vegetables roses

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