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The First Restaurant Equipment App in the Industry


Restaurant Equipment World is proud to announce they have become the first dealer in the foodservice equipment industry to release an iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android app. The new app, appropriately named "The Restaurant Equipment App" allows for restaurant operators to browse and purchase tens of thousands of foodservice items from the company's catalog and 220+ internet sites. It also includes other features such as a manufacturer's directory and real-time online order tracking. Restaurant operators can even ask questions about equipment which are promptly answered by REW's highly trained sales and support representatives. The app also allows for quick access to the company's REWrite Blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page and various equipment videos. The app is compatible with all iOS devices including the iPhone/iPod/iPad as well as more than 200 million Android devices in use.

While this is the first iOS/Android app from the restaurant equipment dealer community, it may surprise some to learn that it's not the first industry app ever. Restaurant Equipment World earned that title too when it introduced the first app for the Palm VII handheld device back on October 2, 2000. Brad Pierce, President of REW stated, "Back in those days, people would give me strange looks as I held the little device in my hand, wondering what in the world I was doing. They were shocked when I told them I was connected online' wirelessly." Soon after its Palm VII app debut, REW was the first to create a full WAP mobile site followed by the first Windows Mobile site in the industry. The company's modern day "Restaurant Equipment App" is a world apart from its earlier predecessors, although according to Pierce, it shares a common lineage of ensuring that REW is always on the cutting edge of technology to better serve its customers. Pierce added, "this initial version of our app is just the beginning. We're committed to continue engaging our customers using mobile platforms so there's a lot more to come. The next version is already under development and will be packed with even more great features." The app will automatically update itself in a few short weeks when it's released. While it's likely others in the industry will follow suit and develop their own apps, Pierce and his team are thrilled knowing there can only be one original "Restaurant Equipment App", and that title will forever be held by REW.

Restaurant Equipment World (REW) is based in Orlando, FL and also has operations in Dubai, UAE. REW was founded 35 years ago by Jerry E. Pierce and serves more than 100,000 companies in all 50 states and more than 110 countries internationally. REW operates 220+ online websites featuring more than 36,000 products. REW is a wholly owned subsidiary and trade name of Pierce Sales Company, Inc. PSC also operates Chef REX (www.ChefREX.com) which sells residential kitchen equipment. PSC also operates Critical Supply World (www.CSWonline.com) which handles rapid procurement of critical equipment and supplies for disaster and conflict areas worldwide. Brad Pierce is President of the organization and Patty Nuzzo is the Vice-President. Restaurant Equipment World is a proud member of FEDA (Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association) and the SEFA buying group.

iOS App URL: http://itunes.apple.com/app/restaurant-equipment/id483062879
Android App URL: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.restaurantequipment

Download the Full Press Release Here

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