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Lieutenant Dan, Ice Cream

September 25th, 2009 by REW Blog Team

As you already may know, we all scream for ice cream- especially when it’s in celebration of reaching a sales goal.  This week Ben & Jerry’s of Melbourne was nice enough to cater an afternoon ice cream social for the employees of REW.  Though there were some that could not partake in the events for various reasons (sorry Melissa, no lactose for you!) most of the staff enjoyed a well-deserved break from their daily activities.

Ben & Jerry’s set up a small ice cream stand in the building’s party room as we all looked on with bated breath.  Well, not really, but we were excited about the ice cream.  And who wouldn’t be? Matt Solomon, playing the role of Ben, and Heather Solomon co-starring as Jerry, served their franchise’s four “flagship” flavors.  It was here that REW employees were faced with an important decision; four flavors but only two scoops.  And between Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, Mint Chocolate Chunk, and Phish Food, it was a miracle that no one cracked under the pressure.  But the tough choices didn’t end there.  A spread of toppings that would have made even made young Charlie Bucket pause for thought were also available.  The possible combinations were seemingly endless.

I personally wanted time to go home and sleep on my decision, but due to time constraints was forced into making a rash and ultimately regrettable decision.  Two scoops of Phish food with no topping.  Even though Phish Food is my personal favorite, I can help but think- ah, what could have been.  I’m sure that there are others like me who stay awake at night and wonder about the other flavors, therefore a future trip to Ben & Jerry’s of Melbourne may be in order.  It’s my new life’s mission to try them all.

A very special thanks to REW customers Matt and Heather Solomon, owners of the Ben & Jerry’s in Melbourne for taking the time out of their busy schedules to serve us their delicious ice cream.   And thank you Patty for organizing the event!

Pics to follow!

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2 Responses to “Lieutenant Dan, Ice Cream”

  1. Comment #1 by: Melissa

    Yay for parties at REW!! Thank you, Patty, for all the hard work putting these parties together for us. It is so nice to feel appreciated.

    It is a major bummer being lactose intolerant. 🙁 It’s really not a big deal to me anymore since I have been dealing with it for over 10 years. Dorina and Erin brought me Jeremiah’s Italian Ice so I wouldn’t feel left out. I thought that was the nicest gesture ever. Especially since they had to go get it on their lunch break. We really are a family at REW and we truly care about each other. Feel the love at REW!!

  2. Comment #2 by: dorina

    WOOP WOOP! ha

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