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All Fired Up! 2012

September 7th, 2012 by REW Blog Team

After a relaxing evening “contesting” with paints the pottery is All Fired Up and ready to be put on display. REW held a contest with a the glazed pottery from All Fired Up. The staff inspected the pottery and held a critical eye to detail making sure only the best would win. In addition to being recognized as an artiste, first place received a gift card for Tijuana Flats.

All Fired Up


And the winner is…

Briana and Landon in a tie for first place! Briana’s design was simple and clean yet showed her talent with free hand painting. Landon’s giraffe can be seen above on the left side. Landon went head-to-head challenging last year’s winner whose giraffe can be seen to the right of Landon’s giraffe. Dan and Cauella tied for second place.
All Fired Up

A special thanks to Patty for organizing the REW event!

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