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Insulated Food and Beverage Carriers Overview

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Insulated Food and Beverage Carriers Overview

For a customer, nothing is worse than receiving food or drinks at the wrong temperature. By insulating food and beverages, you can avoid this problem. It also helps prevent bacteria from forming. Not only do insulated food and beverage carriers help you maintain food at the proper temperature, they also help you transport food and beverages. Whether you need catering equipment, operate a pizza shop, or run a take-out business, you can choose from a variety of carrier options. Restaurant Equipment World carries a wide selection of insulated food and beverage carriers, to fit any need. See the list below for a more in-depth review:

1. Insulated Food Carry Bags and Catering Bags:
If you operate a pizzeria, sub shop, deli, or catering business, then you know how important it is to have thermal bags. They help deliver items more efficiently. Thermal bags keep hot contents hot and cold items cold throughout transportation. Their sturdy handles make them easy to carry, and their thick walls protect the contents inside. Your customers will enjoy receiving fresh food at the proper serving temperature.

These bags include with zippers, which make opening and closing them easy. The handles are great for caterers, when delivering items to an event space or a customer's home. Many of these bags are available in a variety of colors, which allows you to color-coordinate food types and/or event spaces. Choose between side-in and top-load options, as well different capacities, to find what fits best.

2. Insulated Food Pan Carrier: Insulated food pan carriers are an essential tool for caterers, banquet halls, cafeterias, and any other place that serves their meals far from their kitchens. Because they are designed with thick walls, they offer superior insulation for the food inside. This is great for holding food at a consistent temperature and reducing heat loss. You can be confident that your food will stay warm, safe, and delivered at the right temperature.

Our food pan carriers are designed for easy access. Many of our food pan carriers are NSF listed, which ensures they are easy to clean and will inhibit the growth of bacteria. Many of them are also scratch and stain resistant, so they will look new after many years of use. We offer food pan carriers in single and double stack options. We also offer ones that feature casters, to make them easier to move. Some of our food pan carriers are stackable, so they take up less space. They also are available in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate carriers to food type or room.

3. Insulated Soup Carrier: There is no replacement for insulated soup carriers. They give you the ability to serve hot and fresh soups at off-site locations. They feature sturdy handles, leak-proof lids, and thick insulation. The combination of these features makes soup carriers a safe and easy way to transport your stews. Many of our food pan carriers are NSF listed, which ensures they are easy to clean and will inhibit the growth of bacteria. Not only are insulated soup carriers great for catering events, but they are also perfect for fundraisers, outdoor weddings, concession stands, food trucks, and other food establishments that don't have kitchen space for a stovetop. You can keep the contents inside warm for hours. They also are available in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate carriers to food type or different rooms for an event. Soup carriers are offered in multiple capacities, so you can find what works for you.

4. Food Carrier Dolly: There is no better way to get your food to your catering event than with the use of a food carrier dolly. They allow you to move your food with ease. They are available in an assortment of sizes and capacities, to fit your current food carriers. Food carrier dollies are available in both open-frame and platform designs, so you can choose what transportation method works best for you. Food carrier dollies allow your employees to easily transport your pans to your catered event or banquet hall. Many of our food pan carriers are NSF, listed which ensures they are easy to clean and will inhibit the growth of bacteria. They also are available in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate carriers to food type or room.

5. Pizza Delivery Bag: Pizza delivery bags are essential for delivering perfect, fresh, great-tasting pizzas. They can help you maintain food temperature while controlling moisture. Moisture is a major problem for pizzas. Keeping moisture out helps prevent a soggy pizza. Thanks to each bag's thick insulation, your pizza will stay warm throughout transportation. Pizza delivery bags are also great for carrying wraps, subs, wings, and side orders. Delivery bags are available in single-pizza and multiple-pizza sizes, to fit your particular needs. Many of our bags are dishwasher safe, so you can clean them quickly and efficiently at the end of the night. No customer likes a cold and soggy pizza. Make the delivery process warm, safe, and make your customers happy with proper equipment.

6. Stainless Steel Food Carrier: Transport your food while maintaining a safe temperature. Stainless steel food carriers feature removable shelves, so you can fit a variety of food sizes or pan sizes in them. They are heated, via either a solid fuel canister or an electrical heating element. They feature perforated shelves that allow heat to travel evenly throughout the cabinet. The stainless steel material is durable and retains heat well. This carrier fits most room-service tables or can be paired with a mobile storage rack.

7. Accessories for Food Carrier: Safely transporting your food from the kitchen to the event site is one of the most important and difficult parts of a catering company. These accessories for food carriers allow you to keep your existing carriers in top operating condition. A faulty food pan carrier can lead to spoiled food, a spill, or a sick guest. These help fix these problems as they arise. Many of the products are NSF, listed which ensure they are easy to clean and will inhibit the growth of bacteria.

8. Cambro Carriers: Being able to transport large amounts of food for catering companies, banquet halls, and cafeterias is essential. Cambro carriers are designed with thick walls and excellent insulation, to consistently hold food at the right temperature while reducing heat loss. You will be able to keep food warm and at safe temperatures for hours. These are ideal for kitchens with limited access to electrical outlets.

We offer a variety of colors to choose from, to fit any preference. This variety is also great for color coordinating. You can coordinate the carriers by food type or by where the food needs to go. We offer carries in a single or double-stack option. Many of the carriers are stackable, to help you save space and to make them easier to transport. We also carry models that feature wheels, making them even more mobile. These carriers are built to withstand many years of use. Many of them are resistant to dents, cracks, rust, and chips. You will have peace of mind, knowing your food and equipment will be safe.

We are here to help. Restaurant Equipment World is family owned and operated. We have experienced representatives available to help you choose the best insulated food and beverage carriers for your needs and budget.

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