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Bar Supplies Overview

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Bar Supplies Overview

Bar supplies are a necessity to help you maintain a successful business. From local bars in town to large nightclubs in the city, we have the right products for every establishment. We carry everything from basic supplies (such as cocktail shakers, liquor pourers, and utensils) to larger items ( such as speed rails, bar caddies, and mats). Restaurant Equipment World carries a wide selection of bar supplies, to fit any need. See the list below for a more in-depth review:

1. Cocktail Shakers: A bar wouldn't be complete without a cocktail shaker. They are great for both back and front of house operations. We offer styles that are aesthetically pleasing, while also being dishwasher safe. Choose between a wide variety of shaker capacities to find the right one for making a perfect drink. Pick from acrylic, plastic, or stainless steel construction, to match the décor of your establishment. Many of our cocktail shakers come as a set (including a lid), so you'll have everything you need in one place.

2. Bar Condiment Dispenser and Parts:
When you need to make a complex meal or drink, you need to have the right ingredients nearby. By having a bar condiment dispenser, you will have everything you need in one place. This can save you time and energy by having everything conveniently located. Most models offer a removable plastic steel bin, making it easy to clean or rearrange. Because of their attractive appearance, they are suitable for front or back of house.

Condiment holders and fruit bar caddies make it easy to keep garnishing options in a tight space. These are great for keeping your salad dressings together at your bar or concession stand. They are available in a variety of materials, compartments, colors, and price points. With so many options to choose from, you can find the right condiment dispenser for front or back of house.

3. Liquor Pourers: Choose between a variety of liquor pourers that can make drink preparation more efficient. We sell both standard pourers and pourers that can dispense a limited amount of liquid at a time. You have the choice between either collared or non-collared pourers. We offer metal pourers and colored pourers that can help you with quick identification. Being able to quickly and accurately pour a specific amount is essential for a bartender. Our limited-capacity pourers help with this task. They can reduce the cost of liquor used while also improving the composition of your drinks by getting accurate measurements each time.

4. Ice Displays and Beverage Housings: Keep the drinks flowing and make every event a success with these ice displays and beverage housings. Choose from many insulated and eye-catching options. With their open-top design, they allow for staff to easily access the beverages or food inside the display. Our ice displays and beverage housings are available in a variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs. They come with an attractive finish to dazzle your guests and match the décor of your establishment.

With so many options to choose from, we're sure to have the right fit for your next catered event, buffet, or bar. From single-bottle buckets to large tubs, these ice displays have a place in every establishment. We also offer large ice displays for salad bars. These allow you to conveniently cool salad and condiments in one unit.

5. Wine Essentials: Whether you are a wine enthusiast, operate a wine tasting room, or offer wine at your restaurant, you'll have some basic needs. One of these needs is a wine bucket. Wine buckets can keep your wine cool while maximizing your presentation. This is also a great way to keep a bottle handy near your guests. Pair your ice bucket with a stand to keep it near their table. Another basic item is a corkscrew. Several of the wine bottle openers even include a bottle opener and foil cutter, making them an excellent multi-tool. Corkscrews are a vital tool in any bar, upscale restaurant, or nightclub.

6. Bar Mats: Display your glassware elegantly and safely with the use of a bar mat. Pick from multiple colors, to color-code your glassware and keep your space organized. Use bar mats to keep your glassware clean and chip-free. Unlined shelves and drying racks are dangerous for fragile cups and mugs. Pick from a variety of colors and sizes to match the décor of your establishment. Choose from bar shelf liners that are precut or interlocking bar shelf mats that can be trimmed to get the perfect fit. Mats that are easy to cut give you the power to shape them to your desired size. Some of the mats are NSF listed, which will help prevent the growth of bacteria and are dishwasher safe.

7. Bottle Openers: Don't fight when trying to open a bottle. If you have ever tried to open a bottle without a bottle opener, it can be quite difficult. We offer a variety of bottle openers, for punching holes to popping bottle tops. We carry quality bottle openers at different price points, to help you find the right tool. We offer sets of bottle openers that are perfect for large events for buying in bulk to save you money. We offer bottle openers in handheld and mounted options. Mounted bottle openers attach to a wall or table and are designed for heavy-duty use. Bottle openers are a vital tool in any bar or upscale restaurant.

8. Ice Cube Tray Molds: Our silicone ice molds are a great way to create large pieces of ice. Larger pieces of ice can help you chill your beverages without watering them down. After use, simply throw them in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. Because of their multiple compartments, you can create more than one piece of ice at a time. Ice-cube molds are a great addition to any bar or restaurant. Due to their silicone construction, they allow the ice to be pushed out of the mold with ease. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. You can create large chunks of ice for specialty drinks like an old fashioned or for other cocktails.

9. Plastic Bar Pourers:
Plastic bar pourers are an excellent way to keep your bar organized. They are used for storing pre-mixed drinks, as well as dressings, condiments, and sauces. The larger size containers can reduce the number of times you have to refill them. Many of the bottles come in a variety of colors. This can help you keep things color-coordinated to help with organization and prevent cross-contamination. Color-coordinated pourers allow for easy identification and quick access, saving your bartenders time. This can result in a more efficient and smoothly operating bar.

10. Jiggers:
If you run a bar or restaurant that specializes in craft cocktails, then jiggers are a necessity for your business. Jiggers are an excellent way to get an accurate measurement of alcohol and flavoring syrups. They can help you reduce the amount of prep time required to make a drink. Jiggers often have two separate measuring capacities for efficiency. Jiggers often have graduated lines on their surface, to clearly show how much liquid has been poured. Jiggers can prevent you from over-pouring, which can increase the quality of your drink while reducing cost. We offer jiggers in a variety of capacities and price points.

11. Glass Rimmers:
Give your margarita or martini glass a boost of flavor with a rim full of salt or sugar. Our glass rimmers feature round compartments that fit a variety of glasses, so they can evenly cover the rim. Many options feature multiple compartments so you can easily distinguish between cocktail garnishes. With a glass rimmer, you can create eye-catching cocktails to add an elegant finishing touch to your drinks. Not only do glass rimmers make your drinks more visually appealing, but they can increase the flavor too. Glass rimmers are a great addition to any bar, restaurant, or pub.

12. Bar Towels:
We offer bar towels in a variety of materials. Choose between cotton, microfiber, terry, and 100% cotton. The majority of bar towels offered come in the color white. However, we also carry other natural colors. They are designed to pick up liquids and hold them, to prevent drips. Having a towel ready to go is important in any restaurant or bar. The last thing you want is a spill where someone could slip. Our towels are made by quality brands, so you know you will get a product that will last. Some of our bar towels have different color indicators on them. This can help you color-coordinate areas in your bar, which can help prevent cross-contamination.

13. Muddlers: These tools are designed to fit in cocktail glasses, so you won't have to dirty another container when mixing contents for drinks. Muddlers come in different materials so you can choose from a selection of appearances. Quit grinding up ingredients in another glass or on a cutting board. By only dirtying one glass, you can save time by reducing the number of glasses that need to be cleaned. Muddlers are a necessary tool for making cocktails. It's hard to replace the value of a muddler in any restaurant.

14. Bar Supply Sets:
These bartender sets conveniently contain all of the pieces you need to create cocktails. If you are looking to stock up on bar equipment, this is a great all-in-one kit. These kits usually include all the required items like jiggers, muddlers, shakers, and more. Many of our kits are made out of durable, long lasting, stainless steel. Our bar supply kits range from basic necessities to more advanced kits. This is a great kit for someone just starting out, because it includes everything you need.

15. Bar Strainers: Using a cocktail strainer is a crucial part of crafting a perfectly chilled straight-up drink, with no ice. You can strain lemons, limes, and other items to get the right amount of juice for your drinks. This tool is a great addition to complete a bartending set. We offer different strainer styles, from vintage to prong designed, so you can add some style to your bar. We offer strainers at different price points, so you can find what fits your budget.

16. Bar Spoons:
Bar spoons are handy for making many drinks. Some feature a spoon on one end, with a fork on the other to retrieve garnishes from jars. These bar spoons are needed to create layered drinks. They are great for any restaurant, pub, or bar. Bar spoons are an essential tool for any restaurant. We carry bar spoons in a variety of lengths, including long ones that are great for tall drinks. Many of our bar spoons are made out of durable stainless steel that is built to stand up to daily use in your establishment. They are available in a wide range of price points, to help you find what fits best with your budget.

17. Stirrers:
Drink stirrers are a necessary bar supply. They are perfect for giving a cocktail it's final mixing, before providing it to your guest. They are also a great choice for mixing coffee too. They are available in various lengths, so you can find the right match for even the tallest glasses. Many feature a weighted end, making it easier to stir. Stirrers come in a variety of colors, so you can find what fits best with the décor of your establishment.

18. Ice Picks: Ice picks are a very useful tool. They can help you chip away at large chunks of ice, to we in mixed drinks, your salad bar, or forming ice sculptures. They are also handy for helping you break up bulk frozen foods. Even if your establishment uses a commercial ice machine, ice build-up is a common problem. By having ice picks handy, you can break up solid chunks of ice more effectively.

We carry ice picks in both single and multi-point options. Single-point picks are ideal for use in narrower containers. However, multi-point picks are great for breaking up larger chunks of ice. Our ice picks feature either a wood or a rubber handle, to help prevent the grip from becoming too cold for your hands.

19. Bar Shelf Liners and Mats:
Display your glassware elegantly and safely with the use of a bar mat or liner. Pick from multiple colors so you can color-code your glassware and keep your space organized. Color-coordinated liners can help you run your establishment more efficiently by keeping things tidy. Use these mats to help you keep your glassware clean and chip-free. Unlined shelves and drying racks are dangerous for fragile cups and mugs. You can pick from a variety of colors and sizes. Many of the liners are non-skid. This will help prevent glassware and liners from sliding off your bar and onto the floor. They are available in a variety of widths, lengths, and price points, so you can find what fits your needs.

20. Bar Caddies: With a bar caddy, you can keep all your popular garnishes and condiments on hand in one cart. We offer caddies in a variety of colors, materials, and compartments. Not only are they great to keep at your tables, but they are a must-have at a bar. The faster your bartender can fill drink orders, the shorter your turn around time is. This can help you increase profit. You can keep a large number of garnishes like lemons, limes, and cherries near your bartenders at all times.

21. Bottle Cap Catchers: If you work in a busy bar, this is an easy way to help keep it clean. Bottle-cap catchers can be easily wall mounted. You can even mount them underneath your bottle opener so it will catch the bottle caps as they are popped off. By collecting bottle caps in the catcher, you can keep them off of the floor. This can help prevent bartenders or other employees from slipping on them. A bottle-cap catcher can also help cut down on the cleanup time at the end of the day.

22. Bartending Tools:
Bartending tools can help speed up the service time required to create a drink. A popular tool in this category is the electric wine bottle opener. This sleek stainless steel tool comes with a charging station and replacement auger. An electric wine bottle opener is quicker and easier to use than the traditional corkscrew method.

23. Speed Rails: We offer a variety of speed rails, so you can keep your most popular liquors and mixes right at your fingertips. Choose from double or single-speed rails for tight-fitting areas. We offer durable stainless steel options as well as ones made from plastic and wire construction. Speed rails are a convenient storage option for any busy bar. Being able to find commonly used liquor is important when trying to run a successful bar. Our speed rails come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose what fits best in your bar. Some speed rails include a hang-on design, so they can attach to your bar, sink, or ice chest. Some of the speed rails are NSF listed, which will help prevent the growth of bacteria and are dishwasher safe.

24. Bitter / Dash Bottles:
Bitter bottles are a great way to increase the depth of flavors offered at your bar. These stylish attractive bottles are available in a variety of sizes, to fit any need. They are great for filling with a variety of craft bitters. Their clear construction is an excellent way to show off the colorful ingredients inside.

We are here to help. Restaurant Equipment World is family owned and operated. We have experienced representatives available to help you choose the best bar supplies for your needs and budget.

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