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And Now A Word From the New Guy

December 10th, 2009 by REW Blog Team
I’m Jared, and I began working at REW a short few weeks ago. Although most companies provide a paycheck, I am beginning to see that REW provides more than that–it provides a sense of satisfaction. I’m going to try to say this without being too sappy: it is comforting to know that you work for a respectable company that provides quality products to quality customers for more-than-fair prices. I work in the Web Development department, but it is interesting to see those who answer phone calls at work. They are always courteous and go out of their way to answer questions that clients have. We have over 30,000 items on our site now, so although an issue may crop up from time to time pertaining to pricing or description, I can see that problems are addressed promptly and to the benefit of our customers.

If your ever in the Orlando area, come down to the showroom. Take a look around (the prices are the same as on our website, but with the shipping already added in), and get some free popcorn and some free soda. Who knows, you may even see me if I decide to stop working so hard and go get some popcorn or soda myself! 🙂
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