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The Future of Spill Cleaning Technology is Now!

June 14th, 2011 by REW Blog Team

This is absolutely amazing. While I can see this having more successful application in a research lab where mixtures need to be moved from one surface to another in the pursuit of science, it is cool to think of equipping your busboy with one of these in the pursuit of clean tables. I know that a wet rag is more user friendly- and probably more effective– but the wow factor of scooping up a ketchup spill without disturbing its shape is enough for me to consider the more high-tech option.

A side note: if your restaurant is serving processed meat that looks like a pink folded towel (in the production line portion of the video) you may have bigger problems than ketchup spills that need to be cleaned in a fancy, technological way.

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One Response to “The Future of Spill Cleaning Technology is Now!”

  1. Comment #1 by: Somerset Industries

    Wow factor is right! Imagine the face your customers would make if a bus boy pulled that out to clear a table. Maybe not practical, but very cool.

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