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REW Vendor Demo Days – Blendtec

September 20th, 2013 by REW Blog Team

REW has started a new monthly event . . . “Vendor Demo Days”. Our first event was this past Monday, September 16th featuring Blendtec. Barrett, our local Blendtec representative came and spent time in our showroom demonstrating the Blendtec Stealth blender. He made some fabulous and fresh pesto with pita chips for dipping, along with a couple types of tasty smoothies for all to enjoy.

Then it came time for the grand finale. Just as in the hugely famous “Will It Blend” videos produced by Blendtec, Barrett proceeded to show us just how purchase worthy buying a Blendtec blender really is. He blended a wooden broomstick handle! Yes, you heard me right . . .before a room full of customers and staff, Barrett blended a broomstick handle. It was shredded to mere saw dust in minutes. The room was filled with the pleasant odor of a lumber yard, and we all were amazed at just how quick and efficiently it blended. I have attached a video, in case you missed out. Don’t forget we have these events every 3rd Monday of each month, so mark your calendars today for October 21st and don’t miss out on our next adventure.

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