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REW Visits Jimmy Hula

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REW Visits Jimmy Hula's

Living in Florida is beneficial for those who love the beach. We have the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico or you can head east for a surf on the cool Atlantic Ocean waves. But living in Central Florida makes it tough to ever truly feel the tropical ambiance of either coast- until now. In the small city of Winter Park, lies a little piece of tropical heaven. It's a place where you can get a cold craft beer on a hot summer day, listen to the tunes of a Bob Marley melody, and of course experience the succulent flavors of a fresh fish taco topped with all the varieties of fixings you can think of. This little slice of Utopia is the one and only Jimmy Hulas.

Jimmy Hula, who is the concept behind the restaurant, is not just a man, but a legend. His name runs wild throughout the borders of California, Florida, and Hawaii. He was known to be a world traveler, an adventurer at heart, but no solid facts are known about Jimmy Hula. The only thing we know for sure is that he loved the beach and to have a good time. Zach Hartman, Manager, says, "Everywhere Jimmy went, he started a party and brought with him a piece of that culture and cuisine." And so in turn a legendary man inspires what will become a legendary restaurant.Stepping into Jimmy Hula's of Winter Park, you immediately let go of anxieties and have a brush of calming vibes flow through you. Plastered on the walls are surf boards and island inspired artwork. The music of island beats dance through your head as you have the trouble deciding on an infamous fish taco or what is considered "the best burger" in the US. Both choices are undeniably delicious, but if still can't decide Hartman tells us, "We feel we have the finest burgers in the United States, however because of the uniqueness of our taco offerings, at the moment our fish tacos are our most popular items." I am not sure if that would sway your choice one way or the other because its not comparing apples to apples. If you have to, order both. Maybe a VooDoo Fish Taco topped with pineapple mango salsa and house-made VooDoo sauce and a Burnt Reynolds Burger that is accompanied by a fried egg, bacon, and Lays chip, and take one home with you- that's my recommendation.Once your decision is made, you sit down on the unique car-seat booths to enjoy your meal, but not before you select a craft beer that will ignite your taste buds and quench your thirst. Don't forget to order a starter. The Jimmy Cracked Corn is a newer item that will have you chomping at the bit to get every last kernel. You won't be embarrassed eating corn on the cob in public, that's for sure.
If you happen to be watching your weight or looking for something Gluten-free, you can go naked! Not literally, but when you order your favorite taco, sandwich, or burger, you can get it wrapped in lettuce or bun-less. You will also be happy to know that many ingredients on the menu are local. Hartman says, "The produce heavy nature of our menu items forces us to use mostly locally source organic and fresh produce where ever possible. Especially for seasonally affected items like our Fire Roasted Avocado."
Jimmy Hula's is definitely a unique establishment in this area of Florida. When asked how they differ from other local restaurants, Hartman confidently tells us, "Jimmy Hula's offers a world of flavors based on Jimmy's travels. There's not many places with the range of tastes you can experience at our locations. You can't get a fish taco and a burger with bacon, eggs, and potato chips at the same establishment anywhere in Florida. Maybe not anywhere else in the US." We have to agree with Zach Hartman on this one. And if you upset your neighborhood doesn't have an amazing, establishment like Jimmy Hula's, have no fear. A second location was opened in Orlando close to the University of Central Florida and a third location is coming soon too! If you are saying to yourself, "I want a Jimmy Hula's near me", then you are in luck. There is opportunity to open a franchise near you: http://www.jimmyhulas.com/franchising.phphttp://www.jimmyhulas.com/blog/jimmy-hulas-catches-big-waive-from-state-of-fl-to-sell-franchises

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