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Should You Wear a Mask?

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Should You Wear a Mask?


      Due to the pandemic people have been taking extra precautions to keep themselves safe. One of these precautions is wearing masks. There has been mixed recommendations from different sources on if you should wear one. Many people are left wondering if it would be beneficial to wear a mask? Others have thought how does a mask help reduce the spread? People also want to know if I was to get a mask then what are the pros and cons of the different types? With so many options to choose from it can get confusing to find what you need. We will now uncover the answers to these questions.

      In the beginning, their was mixed controversy over how beneficial it is to wear a mask. Now many doctors recommend it as an extra layer of protection. We need to learn how the virus can spread to understand how a mask can help. First, an infected person can cough, sneeze, or breathe when near another person. The virus can then land on the other person's eyes, nose, or mouth. Another possible way to spread the virus is when an infected person coughs or sneezes, airborne particles can get on their hand, and then they touch a surface, or the particles themselves land on a surface. A non-infected person at this point could either shake hands with an infected person or touch a surface that has airborne particles on it and then touch their face.

      Wearing a mask can help protect against the spread in a couple of different ways. First, if an infected person is wearing a mask it can help prevent airborne droplets from a cough or sneeze getting on their hands, surface, or landing on someone else. Wearing a mask is also a great way to block airborne droplets from landing on you. Second, wearing a mask helps prevents the wearers from touching their face. Overall, it doesn't hurt to wear a mask.
      Now we will go over some of the most common masks types and help determine what will work best for you. Two typically types of masks are surgical masks and KN95 masks. Surgical masks have many benefits such as they are often cheaper than KN95 masks. They are also proficient at creating a barrier that will protect you against droplets. Some feel surgical masks are more comfortable compared to KN95 masks because they are not as fitted. However, their are some limitations with surgical masks. They don't filter or block smaller particles and they only offer limited protection. Surgical masks are primarily intended to protect the patient, not the wearer, from the wearer's saliva. They are also prone to leaks because they do not form to the sides of the wear's face.

      Significant research shows that KN95 masks offer better protection. When worn correctly, they can block out at least 95% of small airborne particles. KN95 mask offers better filtration compared to surgical masks. They are also form-fitting and will cover the sides of your face. This is great because when properly fitted minimal leakage occurs around edges when the user inhales. This is a huge improvement compared to a surgical mask where leaks always occur around the edges. It is recommended to replace a KN95 mask however, some suggest you can reuse them if needed. Their are some downsides to these masks one of them being the price. They do cost more than a surgical mask but, they do offer better performance. The fit on these masks is critical to making sure the mask functions properly. Facial hair may have to be removed or trimmed for the mask to fit right. 

      In conclusion, both infected and non-infected people can benefit from wearing masks. Either surgical or KN95 masks are perfect options for protection. However, if you want absolute confidence in your protective equipment then a KN95 mask is recommended. They are excellent for protecting you from getting sick and preventing the dispersion of germs. We all have to do a part to be safe and help reduce the spread. Restaurant Equipment World is committed to offering quality products and services to those who need it.

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