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I’m In A Long Term (Professional) Relationship

October 20th, 2009 by REW Blog Team

It all started about 8 years ago.  I picked up the telephone, and said, “Hi, how can I help you!”  From that moment, that customer, whom I helped in providing information and answering his questions on products he was interested in, turned into one of REW’s longest, repeat customers.

When he first called, he was looking for some information on some Advance Tabco sinks.  He works at a company that provides all types of workspace furniture, like workbenches or workstations.   But he was interested in adding a sink to one of the workbenches, and he asked me about the Advance Tabco DS-1-10.  I told him that it was a one-compartment sink, which has a 10” x 14” x 10” deep bowl, and that it would be suitable for the application he was using it for.  After that sale, over the next few years, he has ordered more of the DS-1-10, and other sink variations, like a DI-2-2012, a 2-compartment sink with 20” x 16” x 12” deep bowls.

Having a customer like that makes selling equipment that much greater, because now you have a working relationship with a customer, who knows you’ll always help them out when they need it.  Here’s to many more years of working together.

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