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Delicious Korean BBQ Taco Box Goodness

June 28th, 2011 by REW Blog Team

Ok, so I admit it…

We’re a little late to the game. The Orlando Food Truck craze has been going on for quite some time now and we’re just starting to notice. As the member of REW’s web-development team who keeps us connected with social media and local trends, I hope REW didn’t miss the boat on this one.

I’ve been following the Food Truck phenomena for a little while now on Twitter and have been reading everything there is on the subject at EatLocalOrlando and TheDailyCity. I’ve got to say that both sites are great resources for anyone who wants to know more about the food-truck craze that’s sweeping over Orlando. Yes, I was one one of those ignorant people that thought food-trucks were reserved for larger cities like D.C., New York, or Los Angeles. I was wrong, and have come to realize that Orlando has just as much-if not more- to offer in terms of delicious street fare.

Last Friday…

I decided stop by and visit a food-truck on my way home from work. You know, just to see what all the fuss was about. I checked twitter to see who would be the most convenient and saw that the Korean BBQ Taco Box (@koreanbbq_2011) was just up the street. All I can say is holy crap it was delicious. Just check out the pic above. The price was right and the food was cooked to order and amazing. I’m now a true believer in Food Trucks.

While I haven’t been yet, I fully plan on attending the next event on’s Food Truck Bazaar Summer Series schedule as well as the weekly Food pod at Lake Lily in Maitland. I’m on a mission to eat at every food truck in the city.

If you own or operate a food truck in Orlando and you’re reading this, get with me on twitter (@REWonline). In the very near future, I would love to come out and talk to you about your food truck operation. We can make a quick video and upload it to youtube, or I can write up an article about your food/story for our blog. No sales pitches, I promise.

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