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Signage Overview

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Signage Overview

The signage within your establishment can serve many purposes but is mainly used to display pertinent information about your business to the guests. Whether it be a sign directing them towards the direction of the restroom or a menu board highlighting the specials of the day, posted signage is a great way to communicate important information to your guests. With these helpful signs, your staff and guests will be able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Shop REW's hundreds of signs to find the one that best fits your needs and decor.   

Compliance Signs - Make sure you adhere to vital safety, health, and wellness codes put in place for the foodservice industry by displaying safety and compliance signs in the important sections of your establishment. Safety and compliance signs include signage that such as the location of handicap accessible bathrooms, reminders that all employees must wash their hands in the restroom, and marking areas that do not permit smoking. These signs will clearly and carefully mark the messages you wish to display to your guests, while potentially preventing unnecessary accidents and mishaps.

Freestanding Signs - Freestanding signs are a more customizable option for signage within your business that also gives you the option to be placed in any location needed. Freestanding signs are held up by a pole with a weighted base, so you don't have to decide on a permanent location to display them. Some common uses for freestanding signs are displaying seasonal menus or informing guests to wait for a hostess to be seated.

Memorabilia Display - Perfect for sports bars to show off their signed jerseys or restaurants to show off their first dollar earned, memorabilia displays are shadow boxes that can safely enclose whatever your business chooses to adorn the walls with. These display boxes feature a wooden frame and cork background, and some are even built to withstand outdoor weather. Choose between the different wood finishes and sizes to pick the memorabilia display that fits your establishment best!

A-Frame Sign Board - A-Frame sign boards are free-standing folding double-sided sign displays that are perfect for the sidewalk and surrounding area outside your restaurant. The chalkboard surface allows you to write special messages, highlight featured items or simply welcome guests in from the streets. The weather-resistant hardware and locking hinges will keep your sign safe in harsh outdoor conditions. Choose between different colored finishes and sizes to find the best match for your business's aesthetic!

Letterboards - Something that has seen a quick come back in popularity in the last 5 years is the use of letter boards. Letterboards are simple black signs with slotted backgrounds that are partnered with white plastic letters that are meant to be used to create a customized message amongst the slots. Letterboards in today's society are a trendy and easy way to display a menu or hours of operation. Something about the simple yet vintage vibe of the signs is a great way to bring a unique look to your location.

Signage Markers and Chalk- To write on some of these customizable boards, you must use a form of marker or chalk to create the desired design. Chalk markers are a unique hybrid of the two writing utensils and allow employees to easily decorate chalkboard or whiteboard based signs. The chalk markers have the same appearance as chalk but write with the ease of the marker and without the mess of using a piece of crumbling chalk. Vibrant colors such as pink, green, blue, and yellow give you the option to let your creativity run free.

Write-On Boards - These signs are meant to be written on with select markers and the design you chose to display is completely up to you. Some of these write-on boards are accompanied by neon-colored lights to illuminate the board and even change colors. The mounting hangers on the signage allow for easy setup and display. Classic chalkboard options are available in this section, and the timeless signs offer complete creative freedom to you and your business.

Bulletin Board - Bulletin boards can be used in a variety of ways to help display materials for your patrons. Corkscrew backing topped with a burlap vinyl surface allows for you to pin papers to the board with thumbtacks. The most common use is to install a bulletin board message center outside the entrance of your restaurant. Here you can post paper menus, hours of operation, or flyers advertising special events or partnerships your establishment may have. The enclosed glass box around the board ensures that the papers inside will withstand outdoor conditions. This is a good way to attract guests, even during the hours you are closed. Individuals who are walking on the street can read what products you sell and decide if they would like to return at a later time.

Signage Letters and Numbers - Make sure you have plenty of individual letters and numbers to use within your customizable signage by picking up an extra kit of letter and number sets. These sets come with over 300 different characters so you can write any message you wish to display.

LED Signs - Display the names of featured items, specials, or business hours with glowing LED signs in the glass windows of your diner, fast food restaurant, or bar. These bright, energy-efficient LED signs are the perfect way to light up your location and draw in customers into your establishment. We offer a variety of LED signs that display different texts so you can pick one that suits your business best. Options include door signs that advertise pizza, coffee, beer, Chinese food, and even ATM's.

Sign Holders - Metal sign holders of different shapes and signs are offered to neatly display papers or cards you wish to display. Tabletop sign holders are a good way for guests to place the card numbers associated with their orders at quick-service restaurants, so employees can easily identify which table they need to drop food off at. Rectangular metal sign holders are ideal for displaying mounted posters. Smaller tag clips can be used on pitchers of juices or platters of food to identify them between each other.

Posts and Easels for Signs - Show off special posters or menu boards with display easels. The standard model of a triangle base, that is offered in wood or metal material, is a sturdy and easy way to hold materials you wish to present to guests. Display posts and easels are a more unique and professional-looking way to display information than simply propping a poster on a host stand or tacking a sheet of paper to the door. Pick a style, color, and size that best matches the interior of your business.

Make sure you are properly displaying pertinent information to your guests by choosing the best signage options for your restaurant. There is a lot of creativity that can go into posting signs, so don't be afraid to try out new messages and designs. Restaurant Equipment World has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Our experienced representatives can  work with you and find the best signage for your business. Contact us today!

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