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Meat Preparation

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Meat Preparation

From fresh hamburger patties to thin chicken breast slices, proper pressing and cutting of meats plays an important role with meal preparation. Preparing meat is possible by hand, but it is much easier to use tools and machines for efficiency, speed, and consistency. Here is a rundown of some useful meat preparation tools.

Meat Saws:
When you need strong, clean cuts, meat saws have you covered. These tools are designed to cut through bone, cartilage, and other rigid structures that may be harder to cut with conventional blades. They can even cut through frozen meat, eliminating the need to wait for thawing. This is a great way to preserve the freshness of frozen meat products while also keeping operations running smoothly and quickly.

Chicken Slicers:
Chicken can technically be cut using any type of slicer or cutting tool, but using a chicken slicer specifically is a great way to get the typical chicken strip or fillet shape. The design of the slicer also produces multiple slices or cuts at a time, which is another reason why you might consider a chicken slicer over another prep tool.

Meat Grinders:
Grinders are essential workhorses when it comes to prepping any kind of ground meat, be it for burger patties, sauces, ragus, or otherwise. But if you're so inclined, you may find other uses unrelated to meats. Grinders are also great picks for making breadcrumbs, crushing nuts to be used as toppings, and even grinding up vegetables.

Hamburger Presses:
A staple of any burger restaurant, hamburger presses are simple, user-friendly machines that quickly press ground meat into burger patties. They range in appearance from handheld rings to waffle maker-like devices with hinging parts. They are also made in different radius sizes so that you can get just the right size patty for your burgers.

Sausage Stuffers:
As the name implies, these devices compact and process meat into sausages. Proper usage of these machines depends on the model of stuffer: vertical or horizontal. Vertical sausage stuffers have an upright container that meat is placed in. By turning the machine's crank, the meat in the container is driven downward by gears until they come out of the tube at the bottom of the machine, where the meat is secured in the sausage casing. Horizontal sausage stuffers are a different story. Horizontal stuffers are clamped down onto the surface of a table and have a container that is filled with meat. Ideally, two people should operate the device: one to turn the crank to process the meat into sausage, and another to catch the sausage that comes out of the end tube.

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